How To Get Found Online

Nearly Every Business Must Have An Online Presence.

Everyone is online, the exception being the few businesses that have too many customers or too much cash flow to care. For everyone else this post is for you. Even if you don’t have a website.

There are many ways to have an online presence.

Here is a short list in the order of importance.

Company Website

For most companies a website is a necessity. A well designed website will organically (naturally) drive customers to your site. I prefer a WordPress site for easy content management and automatic search engine submission. More about WordPress.

Online Directories

Online directories are very important for off page SEO. The biggest are Google Places and Bing Places because your listing shows up independent of your website. In many cases these can drive more traffic than your website.

Social Media

Social media has made it into the main stream now for some time. Each social media site has its own demographics and you must find the ones that work best for your needs. Facebook is a good place to start. LinkedIn applications are more geared for business to business. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram highlight pictures and images.

Google and other search engines now include in their ranking algorithm likes and recommendations from many social media sources More on Social Media.


Blogging Web DesignA Blog is important to create fresh content on your website. Search engines love fresh content. However, be sure to make regular posts on a consistent schedule. In fact make them very predictable. This will encourage your readers to come back and make it easier for search engines to see a pattern and crawl your site at the best times. More about blogs.

Non-owned websites

This category includes any website where you can include your content but do not have total control over the whole site. Guest posts and articles are the best way to get your content on others sites. Be sure to have links to your website or other online content.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ads are a great way to get instant traffic. However, you do pay for that traffic. Online ads vary in price from a nickel to over fifty dollars per click. Most display ads are based on impressions. Online ads like Google AdWords can link to your website or any online site like Facebook or an affiliate page. Keep in mind Google has always claim that paying for Google AdWords will not improve your websites ranking. Free Bing offer below.

For more information click on any of the links on this page or visit my tips page.

Free ads on Bing

Understanding Facebook Ads Relevance Score

What is Relevance Score?

There is a new way to understand how people respond to your Facebook ads. It’s called the Relevance Score. The more relevant your ad is to your audience, the better it’s likely to perform. It also means you pay less to reach your audience.

Pay Less for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisingFacebook now considers how relevant your ad is when determining which ads to show a person. When your ad is relevant to your audience, its relevance score is higher and it is more likely to be served than other ads targeting the same audience. As a result, you pay less to reach your audience.

Ad relevance score can also help you:

  • Know when to update your ads. When your ad’s score drops, it may be a good time to change your ad’s creative or update its targeting.
  • Determine which ad creative is most relevant. You can use the score to test your ads to help determine which message, image or video resonates most with your target audience.


How The Facebook Score Works

After your ad is served more than 500 times, your ad receives a daily relevance score from 1–10, ten meaning your ad is highly relevant and one meaning we it’s not very relevant. You can view the score in the Ads Manager by going to Campaigns in Facebook and clicking on Ads.

Your ad’s relevance score is based on feedback, both positive and negative they expect from the people seeing it, and that is based on how the ad is performs. It is calculated differently depending on your set objectives like clicks to website or video views.
  • Positive feedback. The number of times Facebook expects people to take a desired action like share or like your ad, or help you reach your objective, like visiting your website.
  • Negative feedback. The number of times Facebook expects people to hide your ad or indicate a negative experience such as choosing not to see ads from you.
Here are some examples from Facebook below to help you understand the score better or check out the next section to learn about ways to improve your score.
Facebook Ad Score

Example Facebook Ads with Relevance Scores

Sample Facebook Ad ScoreRelevance Score 2 / 10

Targeting: Men and Women, Ages 18-34, Lives in United States
The ad target is a very broad audience with a generalized message, which means some people may find it irrelevant and not take any action. Also, the ad’s blurry image may lead people to hide the ad, resulting in negative feedback.

Sample Facebook adsRelevance Score 5 / 10

Targeting: Women, Ages 18-34, Lives in United States
The ad now targets only women for a more defined audience. The image has improved and the message is descriptive but still lacks direction for what action a person should take. While this may lead to less negative feedback, this ad might still not get more positive feedback.

Sample Facebook Ad ScoreRelevance Score 8 / 10

Targeting: Women, Ages 18-34, Lives in United States, Interested in Fashion
The audience is even more defined by targeting women who are also interested in fashion. The message is clearer with details about the business and suggests what action a person should take by including a Call-to-Action Button.

Improving Your Facebook Ad’s Relevance Score

Be Specific When Selecting Your Target Market

If you are targeting a broad audience such as men and women, ages 18–25 year old living in the United States, chances are your ad may not be relevant to every person. Try narrowing your audience by specific location, ages, interests and behaviors. Also consider using Custom Audiences.

Consider Your Ad’s Image and Message

Think about how your ad’s message and image (or video) will resonate with your audience. An image/video is more noticeable than text, so focus on improving that first. Also, keep your message simple and related to what you are promoting.

Change Your Ad When Scores Get Low

Over time, an audience that once responded positively to your ad can grow tired of it. When the relevance score for an ad drops, try creating another ad with new content for your audience.

Test Your Ads

Try showing different ads targeting the same audience, or the same ad to different audiences. Look for patterns in your existing ads that might lend insight into what works, such as which ads have the highest score, and what do they have in common.

Avoid Offensive Content

Offensive content might get people’s attention but, on Facebook, this leads to a poor experience.



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Affiliate Marketing Income

How to earn passive income from your website?

I am often asked this question. Most people think you can just put up a link or banner and instantly generate monthly income. Although that may work for a few, the rest of us have to do a little more work for it to pay off.

What is affiliate marketing?

affiliate commissionsIf you are new to affiliate marketing I recommend reading this post from Commission Junction. Basically, as an affiliate you offer links on your website promoting someone elses products or services. Most links are in the form of banner ads and are tracked using cookies.

Where to find affiliate programs

This is easier than you think. In a Bing search 67,400,000 results were yielded for “affiliate programs.” Here are a few personal recommendations:

Find the right affiliate offers

Find affiliate offers that are related to the content on your website. Stay within your niche. You know your target market and the demographics of your viewers (or at least should). Promote products or services that look natural on your site. If the offers blend well with your site more viewers will click on the ads – resulting in more income for you.

Spy on your competitors

A great place to look for affiliate programs is to checkout ads and links on your competitors sites. Go to their website and look at what they are selling.

I am signed up as an affiliate, now what?

Most affiliate programs will give you access to a dashboard where you can access track your clicks and gather banners and links to place on your website. Many will offer html code or java script for you to copy and paste into your website. Be sure to setup your payment preferences to ensure you get paid in a timely manner.

Cookies – Tracking

Cookie length

If you send an buyer to a merchant, they set a cookie on the buyer’s web browser. If the buyer comes back to the merchant site, before the cookie expires and buys something you still get the commission.

Cookie lock-in period

This is the period in which your cookie cannot be over-written with a cookie from another affiliate marketer. The problem is buyers may further research a product or service you recommended. In doing so your cookie may get over-written and you would loose the commission. The lock-in period stops this from happening.

How do affiliates get paid?

Always read the terms and conditions of each affiliate program. Payment is usually made after a minimum threshold is reached. For example I have my Commission Junction account setup to pay after I have accumulated $50 in commissions. Payment is made by direct deposit the following month.
It is easier to meet minimum thresholds using affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Amazon versus individual companies. However, if a company has a high dollar commission and it fits your niche I would definitely consider it.

Remember the trick to affiliate commissions is lots of traffic and relevant affiate links.

If you need help finding relevant affiliate programs or help with implementation into your site, let us know. We would love to help.

25 Free Do-Follow Article Submission Sites

More Article Submission Sites

Article submission can be a great way to build back links and generate traffic. I recommend submitting to high page ranking sites that allow a “do follow.” If submitting the same article to more than one site be sure to mix up your articles to avoid duplicate content.

25 High PR Free Article Submission Sites 2014

This article submission list is current as of 10/11/14

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Duplicate Content

Article Submission Marketing

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